Employee matters

The experts at KRAUSE LEGAL provide comprehensive legal assistance to entrepreneurs acting as an employer, both in terms of individual and collective labour law. We supply our client with tailored solutions to suit their needs, thus ensuring the achievement of business objectives, while eliminating dangers on the employer’s side.

The scope of our services in the context of employee-related matters includes:

  • Drafting and reviewing internal employee regulations, i.e. work rules, remuneration regulations, bonus regulations, regulations for the Employee Benefit Fund, rules for the use of company cars, benefits packages and collective bargaining agreements
  • Ongoing legal support in the conclusion, modification and termination of employment contracts, non-competition agreements, financial responsibility contract, training contracts
  • Carrying out the process of collective redundancies
  • Carrying out the process of transferring workplaces to another employer
  • Due diligence in terms of employee matters
  • Representing both employers and employees in employee litigation