Family business

KRAUSE LEGAL Law Firm focuses on providing comprehensive legal assistance to family businesses. Our specialists fully understand the nature of a family business, where the purely business-related needs often subside to values of a higher order. Thanks to our experience, we provide extensive legal assistance related to running a family business by:

  • Selecting the optimal form of business
  • Assistance in activities related to starting a business
  • Establishment of branches
  • Comprehensive legal services for the meetings of company bodies – management boards, supervisory boards, shareholders’ meetings
  • Preparation of internal corporate legal documents – management board regulations, general meeting regulations, organisational rules
  • Preparation of internal employee legal documents – work regulations, remuneration regulations, social benefits fund regulations, rules for the use of company cars, telephones and other equipment, model employment contracts and civil law contracts, management contracts
  • Consultancy in regard to the possibilities to raise capital for company development
  • Representing the company before public administration bodies
  • Support for current operations: analysis, opinions, recommendations regarding optimal solutions for the organisation
  • Planning changes and transformations of the company’s organisation in case of its dynamic development
  • Transformation of the legal form of the company
  • Business continuity protection
  • Assistance in developing a succession plan
  • Protection of assets
  • Consultancy on the disposal of assets in the event of the death of a partner/partners
  • Conducting court proceedings
  • Conducting debt collection activities in relation to unreliable contractors

The experts at KRAUSE LEGAL also provide assistance in situations where business meets private matters. We offer solutions in all areas, even the most unusual ones. We can assist you with issues such as:

  • Designing solutions that minimise the risk of business failures having an impact on the private sphere
  • Designing solutions that minimise the risk of failures in the private sphere having an impact on the company’s business activities
  • Financial planning – design of solutions to dispose of property in the event of death of persons running the business, support in the preparation of wills
  • Preparation of documents relating to inheritance, division of the estate
  • Consultancy on the selection of matrimonial property regimes, drafting prenuptial agreements
  • Division of assets after the termination of marriage or the statutory joint property of spouses