In addition to comprehensive legal assistance at the pre-trial stage (analysis of claims, construction of litigation strategy, evaluation of existing legal options, preparation of legal opinions), KRAUSE LEGAL provides legal assistance in:

  • Court proceedings (civil, commercial and criminal proceedings) in all instances, including before the Supreme Court, in particular in cases where our clients seek compensation from the state administrative bodies
  • Execution proceedings and proceedings to secure claims
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Administrative procedures – before central and local government administration bodies
  • Proceedings before administrative courts, and before the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Proceedings before arbitration courts

KRAUSE LEGAL specializes in representing clients in disputes between partners. We have extensive experience in conducting proceedings relating to appeals against shareholders’ meeting resolutions and in matters relating to claims against members of the company’s governing bodies, as well as proceedings relating to the protection of the rights of minority shareholders as well as of the majority shareholders in case of abuse of rights by minority shareholders.

Law suits between company partners have a higher degree of difficulty. Pending proceedings repeatedly affect the functioning of the company, whose partners are in conflict. Our law firm’s experts apply legal solutions that minimise the negative impact of disputes between partners on the activities of companies.

Our law firm also handles professional debt recovery from unreliable partners, providing assistance at every stage of the debt collection process, including:

  • Consultancy in regard to procedures for the prevention of insolvencies in case of future contractors,
  • Negotiations relating to the methods and deadlines for the payment of existing debt,
  • Pre-litigation action, aimed to collect outstanding amounts without initiating court proceedings,
  • Representation of clients in court proceedings,
  • Representation of clients in execution proceedings.