Public procurement

Our services in the field of public procurement include:

  • Verifications of public procurement notices, i.e. the conditions for participation in the procedure, assessment of the criteria for the evaluation of tenders, evaluation of the terms of reference for compliance with the Public Procurement Law and the possibility of submission of a bid by the client
  • Comprehensive verification of the Terms of Reference (ToR) and public procurement contracts in terms of potential legal risks
  • Client support in the preparation of tender documentation, as well as maintaining compliance of the documentation with formal requirements of the procedure and timeliness of actions taken
  • Evaluation and assessment of the conformity of the Employer’s procedure with the law, including the evaluation and assessment of conformity of bids submitted by other contractors
  • Client representation in the tender procedure
  • Client representation before the National Board of Appeals
  • Client representation before the court in the case of a complaint at the decision of the National Board of Appeals