Trade agreements

The experts at KRAUSE LEGAL have a wealth of experience in the development and negotiation of all kinds of contracts necessary to establish different models of cooperation between business partners. We have advised clients from different sectors of the economy, which made us capable of developing solutions taking into account the realities and specificities of a particular industry.

Our law firm provides legal assistance in preparing, assessing and negotiating all kinds of contracts, in particular trade contracts, including nominate and innominate contracts:

  • Contracts for the sale, supply or exchange of goods, contracts for specific work
  • Contacts related to the use of things – rental and lease agreements
  • Contracts related to the implementation of construction projects
  • Commercial mediation contracts – agency contracts, distribution contracts
  • Loans
  • Contracts relating to trading debt and contractual obligations
  • Hedging contracts for commercial transactions, including the transfer of ownership to secure debt, liens, mortgages, guarantees, etc.
  • Contracts regulating the implied warranty, express warranty and post-warranty service
  • Investment contracts
  • All types of cooperation agreements
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Other innominate contracts

We issue opinions and also prepare regulations, standard contracts, including those used by businesses in retail trade.

We provide legal assistance in the investigation of any kind of claims related to contractual commitments entered into.